Mickee Porritt

Head Coach / Muay Thai (Kru)

Kru Porritt has over 25 years in Muay Thai with over 50 fights and 4 championship title belts. He began training under the legendary Sakasem “The Punisher” Kanthawong and taught along side his brother for years. His knowledge and his training has already been seen by the new found skills shown by the Fusion fight team.

Zane Darlington

Instructor / BJJ Brown Belt

Coach Darlington is a multiple time Jiu Jitsu champion who excels on the mat and is a successful MMA fighter. His knowledge of both Gi & No Gi techniques and his ability to relay that knowledge so that students can learn techniques quickly and correctly truly sets him apart.

Alex Rowley

Instructor / Black Belt

Coach Rowley has trained at Ace Martial Arts / Fusion MMA since he was a child. He is a multiple time submission grappling champion and is a incredible teacher with excellent technique. He has always enjoyed teaching students and watching them progress and reach their goals.

Paul Karsky

Instructor / 1st Degree Black Belt

Coach Karsky is a current Law Enforcement Officer and former professional MMA fighter with over 50 fights. Having claimed multiple championship belts, he is a great coach with a wealth of knowledge and always enjoys helping students improve their skills.

Aaron Pincus

Instructor / BJJ Black Belt

Coach Pincus is also our Assistant Head Coach of the Shark Tank MMA Fight Team. He uses his knowledge and 10+ years experience teaching to break down complex movements and offer training at the highest levels.

Fabio Santos

7th Degree Red / Black Belt

As one of very few Coral Belts in the world (Red & Black Belt), Master Fabio Santos has been teaching for over 35 years and is dedicated to preserving the integrity of Jiu Jitsu. Having started Jiu Jitsu as a young teenager, he is a direct student of the legendary Rolls Gracie and is a Black Belt under none other than Rickson Gracie.

Jennifer Reis

Head Instructor / BJJ Brown Belt

Coach Jen is the head instructor of our women’s classes and has built the areas most successful women’s program from the ground up. She is a multiple time Jiu Jitsu champion and regularly competes in events all over the country. Her passion for teaching women and helping them achieve their goals is felt by everyone.

Christian Reis

Head Instructor / BJJ Brown Belt

MMA Fighter, Multiple time Jiu Jitsu / Submission Grappling Champion, Multiple time Karate World Champion, & 4th Degree Black Belt (Karate). Coach Christian started competing at the age of 3 and continues to succeed in the ring while developing his passion for coaching.

Aaron Reis

Professor / 4th Degree Black Belt (Gracie Jiu Jitsu)

Professor Reis is a 4th Degree Black Belt (Gracie Jiu Jitsu) & Black Belt (Walt Bayless Jiu Jitsu) with over 25 years training in Jiu Jitsu and over 40 years total in the Martial Arts. He is also a 12x Karate World Heavyweight Champion, 8th Degree Black Belt (Karate), and has been inducted into the Sport Karate Hall of Fame, IMAC Hall of Fame, as well as received countless other awards.